Asia Pacific Investors Cooperation

Asia Pacific Investors Cooperation

Preserving Asian Pension Plans and Institutional Investor Assets

Connecting Capital Markets

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According to OECD, private pension funds in nine selected Asian
economies amounted to US$663 billion in 2011, or 5.3 per cent of GDP.
In comparison, the size of pension funds in the 34 developed economies of the OECD
was US$30 trillion or 70 per cent of GDP in 2011, and rose further to US$33 trillion
by the end of 2012. The upside potential growth of Asian pension funds is therefore
tremendous, and so too is the future role of the pension industry in providing greater
social security and in deepening capital markets in the region.


The Asia Pacific Investors Cooperation (APIC) is Asia’s only real strategic private network exclusively created by and for Asian sovereign wealth funds, government funds, central banks, and public and private pension plans, ie. APIC Senior Representatives.

APIC provides a practical educational and business network where APIC Senior Representatives meet to exchange ideas and address issues impacting the Asian institutional investor community. APIC has four sessions each year based on specific investment, economic and geographic coverage:

  • APIC – North Asia
  • APIC – China
  • APIC – South Asia

Institutional investors and asset owners learn from academic experts, global investment and asset managers through topical seminars held within the Asia Pacific region.

APIC is not associated with any media company. Meetings and discussions are held under Chatham House rule to ensure confidentiality and privacy.